Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sweaters Always Make It Better

I am on sweater making buzz/roll.  Trying to finish projects and keep starting new ones.  I am a cold blooded gal, so I am preparing for fall/winter.  Keep Warm 2013 Project in full effect!

I knit socks while I drink coffee in the morning, after eating my breakfast as I read.  I was reading Les Miserables but at the moment I am taking a break, I am reading John's sister's start of a book.  When it is finished and ready for the public, I hope to share where you can go so you can read it.    Really enjoying it.

I love reading and knitting socks, almost as much as I love knitting sweaters.

I am knitting a pair of socks for my sister at the moment.

I just started a project or a knit a long with my friend Rachel.  Can't wait to see our projects done just to see what we do with the yarn we choose.

First sweater- I dyed and spun the wool.  Superwash Merino
Second sweater- I dyed and spun the lighter blue yarn and knitted it up with Garnstudio Drops Andes Navy blue yarn. (Super warm sweater!)
Knitted socks- I dyed a 2 ply high twist merino and nylon yarn.
Socks to be knitted- Socks for my sister.  I don't think my sister reads my blog so I think my secret is safe.

Create your own visual style.  Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
-Orson Welles

Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Sweaters For Autumn

I have a habit of starting new sweaters!  I started this sweater and can't wait to finish it so I can start wearing it.  This is wine/aubergine/eggplant colour is one of my favourite colours.  The handspun was spun from batts from a couple of years back.  I spun it up when I got it but was saving it, I guess.
I know I knit the same style sweater all the time but I find it so wearable and I like mindless knitting so I can read, watch tv or talk.  The wool sweaters is my personal insulation in my cold house and has become part of my daily uniform of t shirt, jeans (and wool sweater.)
Tomorrow, I will be knitting a sweater with my friend Rachel.  We will be knitting a Top Down Raglan.
The budgie with Lexi is called Grizzly because he reminds me of a little blue bear.  He is my favourite of John's birds.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Before and After Sweater

I knitted this sweater following a pattern of a seamless, top down sweater - one size fits all.  Something went wrong.  I finally ripped it out years later and just finished reknitting it the end of August.
The coloured yarn was from Hobbledehoy batts and the rest was Blue Faced Leicester.  I handspun the lot.
The new sweater used 5mm needles and was knitted top down raglan.  I am much happier with it and I am going to rip out anything that I am not happy with and reknit it.  Frog/Rip it, even though your heart is breaking!
I am posting up handmade sewn items onto etsy.  Check out  Some items are hand dyed.  Perfect for organising your knitting and crafting supplies or items in your purse.  There are pencil cases as well.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Socks and More Socks

I decided this year to make socks for part of the birthday presents for my mother, my brother and John.  My mother's socks still aren't finished.  I just finished Brian's whose birthday was the 2nd and John's birthday was 10 days ago and I did 3 rows of the first sock.
The purple socks with the black heel was finished ages ago but I just weaved in the ends today.  I dyed the yarn and called the colourway Priscilla Purple.
Brian's socks are the blue socks were knitted with another yarn that I dyed.
The other socks are Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball, that I purchased about 3-4 years ago in The RDS Knit and Stitch Show.

Hopefully, I will get my sock knitting mojo back and finish presents for loved ones and getting cracking on other sock projects.

I went apple picking on Sunday.  I didn't take any pictures because it was lashing rain.  I might take a photo of my spoils tomorrow.  

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Movies and Sewing

I am making my 2nd cup of coffee.  Going to drink it and hit the ground running.  I have a lot of fabric prepared for sewing.

I spent yesterday cutting and ironing.  I had the movie Vertigo on.  John and I threaten that we will have film festivals here but we haven't yet.  We have a lot of movies.  We went to the car boot sale in Trim, last Saturday and got a bunch of dvds.  We really got loads for what would have cost us for two cinema tickets, not including bus fare and snacks.

I got It's A Wonderful Life!  I want to watch it but I have been told to save it for Christmas.  Last year, we were frozen in our cold house, John pulled the couch in front of the fire.  We were much closer to the Christmas tree and we watched It's A Wonderful Life off John's laptop under blankets.  Think that will be one of my favourite Christmas-y moments with John.

I took a few photos of the sweaters I finished.  John is away otherwise I would rope him into taking photos of me wearing them.  I just have to do the collar of the white with some colour 4 ply sweater.  It reminds me of flying mallards.  I dyed a cone of yarn a couple of years back as an experiment.  I knitted the sweater up, short of yarn to make the collar.  Found some green yarn to do the collar, picked up the stitches yesterday.  I was thinking about doing the collar in brown but John forbid me to do so!  Also I threatened to rip this puppy but was told if I didn't wear it, he would.  So I am finishing it.  Hell, winter is coming.

The other sweater that is a work in progress, I ripped out and am redoing.  I am on the edge of my sit because I don't know if I have enough yarn to finish it.  I am going to finish the body and see what I can do for the arms.  I can deal with shorter arm lengths but not going to wear a knitted belly top, definitely not at my age.  I usually knit the body 16 inches- 14 from the armpit on and 2 inches of ribbing.  I might do 13 inches from the armpit and 2 inches of ribbing.

I have other sweaters and socks on the go.  Trying to focus and finish stuff.  I do a lot of plain sweaters to balance my choices of colour.  I will be honest I love knitting them and not having to follow a pattern.  I love simple shapes.  I know what I like and I think I am just going to go with it.

John took the picture of the budgie.  I was knitting at the weekend and as usual I fell asleep.  The budgie flew onto me.  That fella is so lovely and so tame.  I had Lexi outside and found her doing her best Snoopy impression.