Friday, 31 January 2014

Preppy School Uniform

Almost finished my other stripey cardigan.  This is the next one.  I am using yarns that I had for (too) many years.  Love the colours.  Reminds me of a school uniform.  Unfortunately, any uniform that I had in a school was pretty hideous.  Bottle green and gone off custard was one particular colourway, that I can recall.

This yarn will be knitted into another Mon Petit Gilet Cardigan.

Just have to do the button band on the other one.

If you are on Ravelry, I am LHogan.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sketchbook Page

Was looking through old sketchbooks.  Decided to share this one.  (The dog made me do it.)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crazy Yarns And Crazy Cowls Off The Needles

In December, I decided to finish two projects that were on the needles forever.  I made them into cowls.  I prefer cowls, at the moment.

One cowl, I started when I first started going out with John.  I spun the yarn to knit a simple garter scarf in the cinema.  John and I used to go to the cinema a lot.  I eventually just knitted socks in the cinema.  I would have a lot of socks on standby, stitches cast on and one inch of ribbing done, ready to be knitted in the dark.

So, this handspun garter stitch maybe scarf/ maybe cowl laid in a bag for ages untouched.  I finished it off and have been wearing it here and there.  I do get great use out of multiple hats, scarves/cowls and mittens because of the rain here.  Wet woolies, let's face it, are as much fun as wet towels and just as useful.

The yarn is spun from batts and is a bit crazy.  I had some leftover.  It was a bit too thin and I just wanted the cowl finished and off the needles.  I finished the cowl and Navajo plied the leftover ball. I got a mini skein.  It is kind of cute.

The photos aren't great but you get the idea.

I finished the two sleeves of my cardigan.  Must figure out if I will use the steam iron that my mother gave me to finish/block my cardigan then start the button band.

Working on finishing more prints for my Society6 page.

Stay warm and knit a cowl!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Happy Belated New Year

Happy New Year!  I know it is a bit belated.  Hope that all had a great Christmas.  I enjoyed mine.

Good food, good company and a load of yarn to knit and I don't need much more.

I was great at keeping the old New Year's Resolutions at the beginning of the month but need to get more disciplined again.  I guess New Year's Resolutions are not just for January.  I have mixed feelings about January- There is a great feeling of renewal but it is also a tough month.  It is really grey, dark and cold.  I will try to make peace with it.

I have been sticking to some resolutions- I have been doing a bit of sewing at the weekends and have been enjoying it.  I said I would sew on a Saturday, getting fabric ready on a Friday night so I can just sew on Saturday.  I have been just making things for myself to organise things.  I will photograph other items that I made the week before.

I have been dreaming of a giant boxbag for so long.  I wanted to make a bigger project bag that would hold a sweater.  This one will definitely hold a 4 ply sweater project.  I got the fabric in Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland in a 2nd handshop.  It is a bed sheet.  I had the same print growing up.  I thought I would just use it to practice.

The small zip bag is made with hand dyed fabric, fabric that I dyed myself.  I don't know what I will use it for. At the moment, I have some pens and a notebook in it.

My mother made me a lovely bag that I must photograph.

The knitting is the mon-petit-gilet-raye .  I have been enjoying knitting it and am going to cast on another one right after I finish this one.