Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sewing College Samples and Watermelon Lip Balm

Had a nice enough day.  I decided to sew up some zippered bags.  I love organising my things in bags and boxes as best as I can.  I have sewing gear and buttons in biscuit tins.  I sew bags and then use them for pens, cosmetics, even have one for my Kindle and I can keep the wire to recharge in with my Kindle.  I just do it so I don't lose things as often.  I need to figure out a way to not lose my phone, keys and glasses.  I am making headway with not losing my keys and glasses but need a plan with not losing my phone.  John will agree.

Another reason, I liked sewing up these bags are because they are old textile samples from NCAD.  They have been in a bag for years and now they are possible homes for some knitting or whatever oddments.  I would rather use up the samples and use the zippered bags then cart the fabric around in a bag when I move to each house.  My grandmother used to call useless things. - dust collectors.  It's funny seeing the old fabrics because I sometimes wonder what was I thinking!?!  But still I feel too sentimental to throw them out.

I got 3 zippered bags done and I also was able to make some watermelon lip balm.  Dabbling with making lip balm because some lip balms make my lips burn.  This way I know what goes in the lip balm.